Track Listing:

  1. Last Night I Dreamt I Met My Enemy,
  2. Eye For An Eye,
  3. Oh Yeah,
  4. Street Dog,
  5. Welcome Home,
  6. Still A Drag,
  7. The Actor and The Gypsy,
  8. Icons,
  9. Alive and Breathing,
  10. Robert Johnson,
  11. Rumbleweed.


The Zen Buddah Boot Boys CD "Icons" featuring Gary O'Dea.

" If this album does not prove that you don't have to leave these shores to find authentic country blues with soul, then there's no justice. Get your first Christmas present of the year 2000 (and its only March). Do what you have to do - beg, steal or borrow, but BUY IT."
The Songwriters Café Web Site.

''produced by Dave Goodman it's a sort of sung and semi-spoken swamp n' dust roads stew of Stones, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Guthrie and Rory McLeod. Well worth tracking down''
The Beat.

''Exile On Main Street''- styled acoustic country blues''
Time Out.

"The Zen Buddah Boot Boys are an outfit put together by Gary Lammin (ex - Cocksparrer and The Little Roosters) who also include in their ranks Darrell Bath (Ian Hunter Band, Dogs D' Amour) and various folk, country and rock luminaries such as Jim Houghton (Gentleman Bandits) and Gary O'Dea (Brummie troubadour, Love Hound and Gentleman Bandit). Their debut album was produced by none other than renowned producer Dave Goodman. Delivered with a distinct emphasis on the acoustic, there's a country/blues atmosphere at times reminiscent of the dark, gothic moments of Nick Cave's 'Murder Ballads'. Elsewhere they're just as likely to offer hints of early Stones and Faces r' n' b…It's a loose, attractive sound…content enough to revel in its own laid back groove."
Rock n' Reel.