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Anew Music Retail Shop Closes

It is with great saddnes that we have to announce the closure of the Anew Music retail outlet. CD sales have been on the decline for the last few years and although the studio and label aspects of the business are profitable we could not justify their continued existance in a high street location.

High Horse Studio has been packed into several large boxes and awaits it's reinstallation at a new site, although mastering and duplication facilities are still operational.

We thank our loyal customers who tried their best to keep the store profitable and we hope they find another independant record store to frequent. In this world of multiples and supermarkets the little guys that will order you that obscure "Van der Graff Generator" CD need all the support they can get.

And remember - home taping, burning and mp3ing are, now more than ever, killing music.

We can still be contacted by e-mail at: