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Anew Music Artists: Gary O'Dea

"Somewhat a veteran of the Midlands music scene. Since his days fronting the torch bearers of country tinged rock n' roll here in the Midlands 'The Love Hounds', Gary has delivered a no-nonsense approach and a collection of songs to rival many an American roots artist."

After the break up of The Love Hounds Gary took a sabbatical from the music scene and the back of a 'transit van'.

He returned a few years later and put together some songs from his days with The Love Hounds, along with some new acoustic material he'd recorded, on a CD/ album entitled 'Love Hounds n' Fortune Cookies'. The CD was released on Anew Music's Snook's Records label - at last a home had been given to Gary's song writing talents.

The album received some excellent reviews with Gary being placed in the same neighbourhood as Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance and American acts such as Green on Red. It picked up airplay on national and local radio as well as some 'Stateside' stations such as WDVX in Knoxville, WOUI in Chicago and WUNC-FM in North Carolina, KZSC in Santa Cruz - California.

A visit to California in 1996 saw Gary perform at the Campbell Arts Festival in San Jose as well as playing acoustic gigs in the San Jose / San Francisco area. In 1998 with his new band The Gentleman Bandits he performed at The Glastonbury Festival. His hard work and down to earth appeal has built up a solid reputation on the 'LIVE' music circuit over the years. The band is an adaptable line up that has a full acoustically driven sound that can also scale down to intimate support slots. As well as heading the bill, Gary has also played acoustic support slots to acclaimed songwriters such as Bap Kennedy (Ireland), Neal Casal (USA) and Peter Bruntnell in venues around the country. A trip to Dublin for the 2001 St Patrick's celebrations saw Gary accompanying the excellent Dublin based Rough Deal String Band on harmonica, in a bluegrass evening held at the city's The Cobblestone venue.

A collaboration with London based musicians in January 2000 resulted in the recording of a CD/album called ICONS. The band took the name The Zen Buddah Boot Boys and included notable musicians such as Gary Lammin, Glenn Somerville and Darrell Bath. It was also produced by the acclaimed Dave Goodman.

In May 2000 Gary finally released his second CD on Anew Music, a 4 track EP called Sittin' On Your Fence. The EP saw Gary working once again with Gary Lammin and Glenn Somerville and also a special appearance from the legendary Steve Gibbons and noted musician PJ Wright.

It's been described as "A Romping, Raucous, Stomping, Country Rocking, Anglicana, Seedy Blues Infested - HULLABALLOO" and has gained some excellent reviews.

Gary has used a six - piece line up of the Gentlemen Bandits but also performs with a tight nucleus of the band, which is a three-piece line up. During 2001 he performed at a few festival dates as part of a small summer tour, as well as working on new songs for the recording of a brand new album.

The dates included The Americana Festival (Main Stage) - Nottingham Fri 6th July, Lichfield Arts Festival (Main Stage) Sat 14th July, The MAC - Birmingham Tue 31st July, Nantwich Folk and Roots Festival (Acoustic Stage) - Cheshire Sun 19th August, The Baggeridge Music Festival (Main Stage) Sat 1st September - Baggeridge nr Wolverhampton.

A series of acoustic dates with the scaled down line up that were prepared for the period of October / November and December 2001, have been cancelled due to Gary suffering a bad back injury. These will be rescheduled for 2002.

The new album will be released in 2002.

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Love Hounds 'n' Fortune CookiesThe CD Album "Love Hounds 'n' Fortune Cookies" features 11 songs dedicated to the memory of Ronnie 'Plonk' Lane.

TRACK LIST: Dream On, Slowdown, Welcome to the Show, You 'oughta' Burn, Summertime, Out of the Blue, My Sweet Rita, Way Back Home, Early Morning till the Sun Go' Down, Little Miss Fortune, Wanna' Move.

Gary's first CD released through Snooks Records / Anew Music, "Love Hounds 'n' Fortune Cookies" is a collection of songs from Gary's days with 'The Love Hounds' and more recent acoustic material.


Sitting on  Your FenceSnook's Records / Anew Music Presents GARY O'DEA Brand New EP. "Sitting on Your Fence".

EP features Steve Gibbons, PJ Wright, Gary Lammin And Glenn Somerville amongst others.

Additional Tracks - Singapore Joe, Searching For Sal, Big City Blue.

More raucous mayhem and country licks from the master of Country Music - Black County that is!


IconsTHE ZEN BUDDAH BOOT BOYS CD album "Icons" also features Gary O'Dea.

Recording Line-up: Gary Lammin - Vocals + Guitars. Darrell Bath - Vocals + Guitars. Glenn Somerville - Double Bass, Violin + Mandolin. Gary O'Dea - Vocals, Harmonica + Percussion. Jim Houghton - Congas, Percussion + Jaw Harp. Jim Invisible - Hammond + Piano. Matt Tweed - Sitar, Temple Bells, Triangle and lot's of other hippy stuff. Electric Bass Guitar was played at various times by Pete Webb, Mick Keogh and Gary Lammin.

TRACK LIST: Last Night I Dreamt I Met My Enemy, Eye For An Eye, Oh Yeah, Street Dog, Welcome Home, Still A Drag, The Actor and The Gypsy, Icons, Alive and Breathing, Robert Johnson, Rumbleweed.


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Gary's radio show on WCRGary also has his own radio show on Thursday evenings on Wolverhampton Campus Radio



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